The Methods in My Madness

There is indeed method. Reversible computation is a core concept, as is certainty in something sensible.
  1. I fundamentally trust myself.
  2. Jesus wasn't wrong.
  3. The Bible is the authority on Jesus.
  4. Mum truly loved me.

I live inside my MindSpace, which is a fantasy world roughly aligned and superimposed over the real world. I have no pretense to see reality as it really is. On the other hand, this gives me certain advantages, since I can essentially fold brain configurations into and out of 'made up fairy stories' such that in the moment, the fairy stories seem real, and the real world effects are also correct. Then, to me, the fairyland dreamworld is reality, and it is where I am comfortable. You may address me via my body, but be polite and don't shoot the messenger.

Will I live to see tomorrow?

Please do not worry. I have contacted HSBC and Nationwide to indicate to them that my integrity has been compromised, and with it any security that these details may offer. Beyond this I know nothing, and have no time to work things out.

  • It appears the answer was yes. John. :-) ;-) :-))

Dear Friends, My psychiatric abuse has forced me into a dreamworld where porn is all that makes me feel alive, and I am having an imaginary love affair with my favourite glamour model, whom I've not met. It's that or suicide where I am right now.

I have never been truly suicidal before, but I feel my mind cooly calculating a way out of my predicament, and my mind is not part of my body and in times like this does not care. My mind is the most precious part of me, and if I must sacrifice my body and any chance of seeing humanity again, so be it. I have no chioce.

This psychiatric abuse must stop.